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DBF Editor

dbf editor DBF Editor fully supports viewing and editing operations in dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro and dBase Level 7 formats, allows you to edit and repair all kinds of DBF database files, export database data into a number of alternative formats (such as TXT, CVS, PRG, XLS, SQL, DBF, XML) for data migration and print the database contents for more scrupulous manual analysis. The integrated reports wizard boasts an excellent set of features that will help you create a professionally-looking report in virtually no time!

DBF databases may not be the most popular database format in the world, but they are still widely used in a multitude of applications across various industries. If you deal with DBF databases on a daily basis or only have to make minor changes from time to time, you definitely need a reliable tool that will help you open a database, find the necessary records and do your job as fast as you can. If you are still at a crossroads, make sure you take a look at our DBF Editor, as this handy application offers everything you may need to edit a DBF database for a price you can definitely afford!

DBF Editor gives you full control over the DBF files, allowing to make necessary changes to them right in the process of viewing, restore corrupt databases and directly edit the file headers with the built-in hexadecimal editor. Other features include the ability to simultaneously work with multiple files, powerful filtering capabilities, sorting, creation of new DBF files, search and replace functions, support for ANSI and OEM character sets, built-in calculator with ability to substitute field names with their values, customizable field headers, ability to append information from external DBF and plain text files, list of favorite files and more.

DBF Editor also means speed ó itís processing times are much shorter than those of competing solutions. And, finally, the scope of its capabilities can be greatly expanded by various plugins, which gives you a limitless field for improvements. Check it out right now and youíll be surprised to find out what an indispensable tool it is!




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